Go Healthy, Go Native

An organic store that believes in marketing sustainable products along with owning a chain of restaurants with the same name that serves healthy food from their own farm is Go Native, who solely relies on the Farm to Table approach.

Go Native strongly endorses the Eat Local initiative and eating in season, which makes fruits and vegetables entirely preservative free. The ‘All day breakfast’ menu is all things wonderful with dishes like sweet potato pancakes, millet sandwiches, protein pesarattu, whole wheat missal pav and so much more, along with baking healthy alternatives in breads like whole wheat and raagi. Apart from breakfasts, there’s also a decent spread for late in the day options like leguminous biryani, Cabbage akka roti, dal poori and so on. All of the food served is gluten free, vegan (options) friendly and high in protein.

Since healthier food options with more conscious eating have been catching up lately, Go Native is your go-to place for healthy choices.

By, Aarti David

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aarti_david/

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