Plump for Plum Cakes!

Christmas is just around the corner and our thoughts are turning to the traditional delicacies, which make Christmas even more special! In case you’re wondering where to get that traditional, luscious plum cake from, here are our suggestions to make your Christmas a delicious one!

Pandhal, Kochi

The Mattanchere Spice Christmas Cake from Pandhal Cake Shop in Kochi is the original plum cake in a tin, made with honey infused raisins, caramel, candied orange peel, candied ginger flakes, and other spices along with traditional cake ingredients. This cake is a tribute to the well-known spice market in Mattancherry.

Vienna Bakery, Mumbai

The rich plum cake at this neighbourhood bakery in Santa Cruz, has a loyal fan following who swear that it’s the best in the city! Make sure you reach there early in the morning as their plum cakes sell like proverbial hot cakes!

Jila Bakery, Goa

This family-run bakery in Camorlim, South Goa sells bakery items to die for! They’re most famous for their delectable éclairs but the plum cake here is also legendary! This moist, rich plum cake will make you wish it were Christmas all year long!

By Mamatha Mallipudi


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