Gol Pyau, Ajmer- Where Kachori is a Tradition..!

PC: Meri Saheli

Walking on the bustling streets of Ajmer, you will find a quaint pyau (drinking place) and a chaat centre right beside it. Famous as Gol Pyau Chaat Center, the actual name of the street side shop is Shankar Chaat Centre. It is situated in Naya Bazaar, just a kilometre away from the world-famous Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Dargah of Ajmer. 

This age-old chaat centre is a favourite breakfast joint of the locals and lies in the list of every tourist visiting Ajmer. People of Ajmer usually start their mornings with kadhi-kachori. Kachori is a deep-fried flattened bread stuffed with lentils and spices that are served with a combination of tamarind chutney and kadhi made of curd and gram flour. This dish is known for its rich and spicy flavour and is pocket friendly. Apart from kadhi-kachori, one can also savour Samosa, Aalu Tikki chaat, and Lassi at Gol Pyau.

So next time you’re in Ajmer, don’t forget to halt at this gully side snack corner.

Contributor: Aastha Maheshwari

Instagram Handle: @aasthainwanderland

Feature image courtesy: US Cranberries

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