Scoop It Out!

Scoops Tiffin Centre is the first place I visit when I start a Ramzan food walk around Charminar. Established over two decades ago, this place is known for its outstanding idlis and ‘out of the box’ dosas. Try their steaming hot Guntur Idli and Ghee karam idli to know why! 

Their dosas are quirky by name as well as presentation. Try the Tanatan Dosa and Baahubali Dosa which will entice you to try their entire repertoire, including NaMo Dosa, Dabang dosa etc. 

In a world filled with fleeting brands, they have been doing this for a long time and the stacks of parcels are an indication of their popularity. If the name Scoops rings a bell, yes – it is the popular ice cream brand and also belongs to the same family whose next generation runs the much-loved brand, Creamstone.

Where: Scoops Tiffin Centre, Siddiamber Bazar, Hyderabad

Contributor: Arvind Ramachander

Instagram handle: @sooperclicks

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