Porkfection With Zing!

A treat for those with an adventurous palate, Zing’s Northeast Kitchen dishes out delights from the region of India that its name alludes to, alongside some Korean & Japanese fare, and is renowned for its range of intriguing pork and beef preparations. Zing’s must-trys include appetizers featuring Pork belly items like Bosam & Deojikalbi, Sticky Pork Ribs; and for mains, Smoked Pork with the flavour kick of Axone or Naga King Chili, Pork with Yam or Anishi (colocasia leaves preparation), all served with a generous jasmine rice portion. Chilly Beef Fry & Beef Tripe Curry satiate bovine cravings, while Bibimbaps, Ramyun & Bokkumbaps round off the Korean section. Sit-in service demands some patience, but Zing’s vast menu and authentic fare make for a mystical culinary ride.

Currently serving only takeaway as part of COVID-19 measures.

Contributor: Ashish Chowdhury

Instagram Handle: @ash_chowder

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