Farzi Café’s most devoured dish

We’re dedicating this little space solely to signature dishes from restaurants
around the country. We only wish there was a medium for you to not just
watch but smell and savour the dish featured!

Farzi Café’s most devoured dish or rather a dessert is the Fenni Nest with Chenna balls and Flavoured milk. Chenna balls that taste like Rasmalai are placed inside the Fenni (dried vermicelli) which resembles a bird’s nest. When the dish arrives at the table, hot flavoured milk or Rabdi is poured all over this luscious dessert. I’m sure it’s a drool situation for you now as you read this! In case you’re still uncomfortable with visiting the restaurant, why don’t you order some tonight and thank us later?!

Contributor: Aarti David

Instagram Handle: aarti_david

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