Conventional Oven Decoded

Most often people are not aware of the various functions available in their oven (OTG), which prevents them in utilising the gadget to the fullest. This article will help you get an idea about the different functions of an OTG. 

Temperature – The first dial is of temperature. In India, it’s usually shown in Celsius degree, but some might have it in Fahrenheit. 

Function selector: 

First function: Switches on the light inside and warms the oven.

Second function: Turns on the fan and heats from top and bottom; best suitable for cakes, cookies and bread.

Third function: Heats only from the top with a fan; mostly used to grill food.

Fourth function: Heats from top and bottom without the fan; best used as toaster for cakes, cookies. 

Fifth Function (Rotisserie): Heats from the top the rotisserie rod and is useful for grilling meat.

The last function: Heats with fan from all the sides.

Timer- The timer is of 60 minutes, which can be set according to your recipe. 

With these tips, you can make the best use of your oven.

By Devesh Bhatt

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