When you’ve had a long, jam-packed day filled with meetings, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen, cooking a meal. But you’ve got to eat, right?! Try to resist the temptation to hit that app and order, by keeping in mind a few ways to make your cooking quicker and easier.

Get rid of those skins

One of the most annoying things to do has to be peeling garlic! So time-consuming and that smell just doesn’t get off your fingers for the longest time. Speed up the process by separating the garlic cloves and putting them in a bottle. Do your best impression of a bartender and the skins will shake right off, leaving you with ready to use garlic.

Make your pressure cooker your BFF!

Pressure cookers are lifesavers when it comes to reducing time and effort. Throw in some dal and tomatoes; turn on the rice cooker and voila! Your comfort meal is ready.

You can live without onions

For the vast majority of us, almost every curry has to have its fair share of onions, which take ages to get that perfect golden colour. But when you’re short on time, there are recipes, which you can whip up without them, like a simple South Indian style Potato fry, a healthy Palak Paneer or Achari Bhindi.

Daily cooking need not be a laborious way to feed yourself – just keep it simple and smart.

By Mamatha Mallipudi

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