Momos, as we know, are relished every season. But don’t they taste even better during the chilly winters? This is one food item that is universally loved and hence every city has a few popular street side stalls serving this delightful dumpling.

Kathmandu Momos, a street side stall at Somajiguda in Hyderabad, is popular for serving these steaming hot dumplings that you’ll find beside a bus stop. They’re open only in the evenings till about 10pm with a minimalistic menu. Piping hot Chicken mince momos, paneer momos and vegetarian momos are freshly made and served with spicy chutney. The fried momos on the menu are so worth trying too! The next time you’re craving for some flavourful momos, head to this place in the evenings or you could probably dunzo them for a price that’s around 70-80 bucks each plate!

Contributor: Aarti David


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