Noodling With The Noodle Basket


Image courtesy: Koyo Noodles

Have you ever wondered what a Noodle Basket would taste like? How could one possibly make a Noodle Basket or even eat it? Well, we are back yet again with answers to all your delightful questions as we’re always looking for more intriguing dishes like these so you don’t miss out on the chance to grab a bite of them. 

Chung Hua is an age-old popular joint located in Basheerbagh and Secunderabad. It has some specialities, out of which one is the Noodle Basket that is nothing but fried noodles in the shape of a basket, filled with hot garlic sauce. You have a choice of Chicken, Veg and Shrimps that makes this an absolutely devouring dish that one cannot miss out on.

Let’s take you through some other highlights of this wonderful restaurant; starting with the Barbeque Chicken or the Kung Pao Vegetable. The main course would be incomplete without the Noodle Basket and next up on our list is the Fried Rice, the Baby Corn with Mushrooms and the Fung Sao Kay (roast chicken in sauce) and the Soyabean Fish. 

Square it off with Fried Ice-Cream for dessert, and you’re ready for a long snooze!

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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