Magic is in the heat

There are a staggering number of Indian working millennials today that come under the, “oh, we don’t like cooking”, “cooking is so monotonous”, and the “cooking is so tedious and tiresome” clan.

And what is the best way to avoid cooking? It’s by eating junk food, fried food, buying frozen food or getting food from a restaurant. But the easy way out is never an option, it’s unhealthy and fatal.

We understand you and hence, we are here with some amazing cooking tricks which are not only helpful and easy but are also not time-consuming and tedious. It’s high time you preheat your pan! To get the crispiest vegetables and a quicker cooking time, follow this restaurant chef trick: 

Preheat your pan or the bowl that you are going to cook in, before putting in the oil to saute or stir your vegetables. It’s always best to preheat your pan so that you don’t spend too much of your time sauteing them. This not only makes the vegetables tastier but also crispier and crunchier! Do this for three minutes at least before you put in the vegetables or the oil.

Now, get ready to munch on some tasty food, with this easy kitchen hack!

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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