The Yoga House, Mumbai – Work, Eat, Unwind

Peace and quiet seem to be the mantra that the folks at The Yoga House follow, religiously. As the name suggests, the huge pastel tainted bungalow offers yoga classes every single day, which is to be found in the bylanes of Bandra, Mumbai. A store dedicated to organic wear is placed inside the space as well.

But what catches our attention is the café that’s beautifully tucked in the patio of the bungalow. There’s an ample amount of greenery around minus the otherwise noisy streets of Mumbai, making it a perfect hideaway to unwind. The menu offers all things organic including many items being vegan. There are salads like the Fig Salad, Macrobiotic Sprouts Salad. Tartines like Somerset, Mykonos & Capri; raw veggies like Quinoa Tabouleh & Tofu Brown Rice along with Burgers, Sandwiches, grains & fruits and a healthier version of desserts. Freshly made juices and smoothies without added sugar or preservatives are other add-ons to their healthy menu.

The next time you plan to detox or prefer some clean eating, The Yoga House should be your go-to destination.

By, Aarti David


Images Courtesy: Zomato & The Yoga House

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