A Nagpuri’s Love for Poha

One cannot talk of Nagpur and not discuss the best Poha places. You can find poha any time of the day and find people crowding their favourite poha joint even at 3am. This is not just poha, its the humble poha topped with a fiery tarri, which is a spicy lentil curry. 

One such hidden place is Keshav Poha which opens hardly for a couple of hours. Imagine having all your stock sold out within 2 hours and still refusing to make more. That’s the level of swag enjoyed by Keshav kaka who opens the shop at 6am and then serves till the stock lasts. What sets him apart is that equal attention is paid to both the poha and the tarri. Topped with some bareek sev and kaanda, this is one of the favourite breakfast places of the Nagpuris.

Contributor: Shagun Segan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eattripclick/

Feature Image Courtesy: Cubesnjuliennes.com

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