Tip Off by Satish Kumar – Executive Sous Chef| Sheraton Hyderabad

Catch some of the who’s who from the F & B World share tips and hacks for you to try out!

This week we have Executive Sous Chef, Satish Kumar from Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel who has shared a few tips that have been successfully implemented in his kitchen.

Expert Pro Tip:

1.       Hard bread which is not exactly sandwich-ready, can be turned into fresh and flavourful homemade croutons by toasting or frying.

2.       Turn leftover potato peel into potato chips – Don’t throw away the peels. Once you have washed them thoroughly, you can bake or fry potato chips easily.

3.       Trimmings of vegetables can be stored in vinegar to make pickled vegetables for sandwiches as a side dish.

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