Say hello to the all-new instagrammable café in town, Foncé Chocolatier; a place that’s visually stunning as you walk into their outdoor area, which has been built so aesthetically with private cabanas and a wall painting that depicts the birth of the cocoa bean.

Foncé is a venture birthed out of pure passion led by Deepa Reddy and Jaikar Reddy that offers an extensive range of chocolates, from healthy nutty bars to bonbons and dragees. Do try out their Coffeque, which are roasted coffee beans enveloped in dark chocolate. The Matchavio (Matcha chocolates), Pecan Caramel and Passion fruit are some of their must-haves. They’re all preservative-free and essence free with no added sugar; all the more reason to gobble it all up without feeling guilty! You can get a customised box full of chocolates as well, to gift them as presents during this Christmas season.

Since it’s also a café, one can expect a lot of savoury items too. The croissants are ‘oh so flaky’ and moist from the inside as you take that bite. There are creamy risottos, ravioli, sandwiches, desserts like French toast, Madeleines, Tiramisu and a lot more.

They soon plan to do breakfasts on Sundays with a typical continental spread and we just can’t wait!

By Aarti David


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