Marriott On The Go

Have you been missing dining in at your favourite Marriott Hotels? Well, the renowned chain of hotels has a home delivery facility throughout India aptly named Marriott on Wheels, which brings your beloved gourmet dishes from their renowned hotel restaurants, straight to your doorstep! This service cuts out the delivery middleman, thus ensuring your safety to an even higher level.

Simply go to the web site of the hotel of your choice and select your order, then place your selection with them on whatsapp or pick up the phone and call them. Hygiene practices are followed to HACCP standards and safely packed, to relieve all your worries. The order is then delivered by the hotel’s chauffeurs who are kitted out in the required safety gear, so that you get to eat the best of the best in the comfort of your own home!

Contributor: Mamatha Mallipudi


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