Prep Right Eat Right

Salads are an integral part of healthy eating. It’s common to think about a salad recipe, the moment you plan on switching to healthy foods. But are you sure you’re following the basic rules of preparing a salad right? We’re giving you two important tips to follow before prepping up on that tasty and vibrant salad.

1.       After you wash your fresh leaves like lettuce, arugula, basil or coriander; always make sure the leaves are completely dry before preparing the salad. If not, the excess water in the leaves makes a mess at the bottom of the bowl, especially if you’re making an oil dressing.

2.       Once you make the dressing, try not to add it immediately. It’s always preferable to add the dressing just before serving. This way it will not let the leaves wilt or turn bitter.

Contributor: Aarti David


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