Leftovers Made Versatile

Get some expert advice on using leftovers in your kitchen from the professionals in the culinary world. This month we present Shivam Bansal, Jr Sous Chef of The Westin Hyderabad MindSpace, consistently dishing out the best of various cuisines since the past few years.

Here’s how:

  1. Leftover steamed and grilled vegetables can always be used to make soup, making it a perfect accompaniment during this cold weather.
  1. A great way to use extra cooked vegetables, bits of cheese, grilled or roasted steak, shrimp or chicken, is to toss them with lettuce and your favourite dressing.
  1. Leftover roasted chicken can be used by pulling all the meat out, adding mayo, mustard and seasoning to make that comforting sandwich after a tiring day.

In conversation with Aarti David

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