Bursting for Burgers!


All of those lucky ones who’ve managed to sneak into Hyderabad’s speakeasy bar, GiggleWater are aware of how mind-blowingly delicious their lamb cheeseburger is! But then COVID-19 happened and the place had to shut down temporarily.

Gigglewater is still shut, but the good news is they’re opening their doors soon and their kitchens have launched not one, not two but five splendid burgers that can be delivered at your doorstep! Apart from Lamb Cheese, there’s Fried chicken and Chicken Cheese for meat lovers. The vegetarians can order the Veggie Cheese and Cottage Cheeseburgers from this limited menu, where they even serve double cheese and patties too. All of the preps and packing are strictly done under safety and hygiene measures.

This seems like a fabulous opportunity for those who have never visited the speakeasy but can now happily gorge on these amazing cheeseburgers. Remember, they’re available on Swiggy and Zomato. So order up!

Contributor: Aarti David

Instagram Handle: @aarti_david

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