‘Tis The Haleem Season – Our Top Five

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We’ve all missed Ramadan immensely since 2020, the whole magical vibe of the good food and the essence of the fun Iftar parties. It’s known to be the most joyous month because there’s so much to eat, shop and visit and it’s back in 2021, of course with a different vibe but then that’s life right?

Therefore, we’ve decided to bring your way to all the restaurants that are serving some yummy Haleem in Hyderabad and most of these places are delivering online. 

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Cafe 555

Located in Masab Tank is a 52-year old Irani cafe and it’s generally crowded. But, the Ramadaan month is when it attracts most crowd from every corner of the city. What makes their Haleem one of the best is the rose petals, Shah jeera, saffron along with the traditional spices. They also have a special Haleem topped with chicken 65 and a slice of boiled egg. 

Green Park

If you’re a fan of Green Park’s midnight Biryani, their Haleem is definitely not to be missed. They serve per plate and also per kilo. Their slow cooked mutton Haleem is creamy and brings together a myriad of flavours, cooked with cashews and rogan, loaded with ghee.


Chicha’s serves Haleem throughout the year, but only on Fridays. Ramadaan gives you a chance to have it everyday! Tucked away in Lakdikapul, their Mutton Haleem is as authentic as it can get. “Asli Haleem” as they call it, is surely to be relished every single day.

Pakwaan Grand

One of the restaurants pakka Hyderabadis swear by! They serve Haleem in two variants where the Irani Haleem is finely mashed and subtly spiced. The garnish consists of a creamy layer and chopped almonds which add to enhancing the flavour to the Haleem. Squeeze half a lemon on it and you’re good to go. 


A great place to feast on some delightful Haleem and is one of the best in the city, hands down, as they use a meat variant called Potla, which is a meatier version than the regular ones. Mandaar usually serves a limited number of plates of haleem unlike other restaurants where it’s made in large quantities. Probably that’s why the haleem here is a million times tastier than the rest in the city.

Make this auspicious and holy month tastier with some delicious Haleem and order online to stay safe.

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

Featured Image courtesy: Tea for Turmeric

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