Keeping Up With The Carbs

Food, health and nutrition myths abound across the internet and in the media. So many which make diets restrictive and take away the enjoyment out of eating. Carbs have always been surrounded by myths. But how many do we follow? All.

We are here once again to bust one of those random myths. 

Avoid Carbs after 5 PM will help lose weight?

The fact is that there is nothing magical about avoiding carbs after 5 PM. There is no consistent research to support this myth, in fact, no health authorities support these facts either. This practice is dangerous for diabetics who are taking insulin or other blood-glucose-lowering medication.

In fact, for people who are losing weight, a carb curfew would be helpful not forgetting that we all need a certain amount of carbs for the body, for instance, brown rice will help keep you fuller for longer periods and balances blood sugar levels.

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

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