CEIA January 2020
CEIA January 2020

January Edition

In the first edition of the year, we focus on agriculture, the backbone of our country, with our feature, ‘Back To Our Roots’ which highlights the practice of sustainable agriculture. We also have an article about ‘Makar Sankranti – The Harvest Festival of India’, which throws light on the delicacies which are made around the country, for this culturally, important celebration. Next, we take a look at the practical yet delicious food of the Marwar region of Rajasthan, in ‘The Magic of Marwar’, where preservation and drying techniques are used to extend the shelf life of ingredients in the arid conditions of this State. Did you know there’s a ‘National Undhiyu Day?! Read all about this heartwarming winter dish in ‘Undhiyu – India’s Winter Wonder’ by Nishit Ganatra.
One of the greatest aromas in the world has to be freshly baked croissants! Learn about these flaky gifts to mankind in ‘Captivating Croissants’, written by Nikitha Umesh. Get enlightened about gluten-free products in ‘Gluten-free Grub’ by Ayman Ali Khan. Learn about the origins of burgers and their evolution in ‘Unbeatable Burgers’ and the wholesome goodness of Hot Chocolate in ‘Taking Solace in Hot Chocolate’.

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