‘Evergreen’ Temptation for Chole Bhature

Image Source: We are Gurgaon

Chole Bhature: The ultimate North Indian Classic, a must-have in North Indian cuisine.

One can never imagine going to Delhi or even a North Indian restaurant for that matter and not having a mouthful of this tangy temptation. Without a doubt, the person who made this absolutely heavenly dish needs to be worshipped for carving out this wonderful shade of Brown and adding the right spices. This person just nailed the whole Chole Bhature game!

 Whenever you’re craving something hot, spicy and delectable, you know what to grab, because as they say, “All it takes, is a mouthful”. Wondering where you can grab this amazing dish from? Here we are to talk about an amazing Halwai in Delhi which will help you satisfy all your Chole Bhature cravings in a flash!

Evergreen Sweet House located in Green Park, New Delhi, has been a household name ever since the time it came into existence. A bite of the Bhatura with the Chole is pure decadence whilst the flavours burst in the mouth. They’re deliciously tangy and by the time you have swallowed that morsel, it effortlessly just melted in your mouth!

The place offers a wide range of cuisines like North Indian and South Indian and some mouthwatering savouries like Pani Puri, Raj Kachori and lots of Mithai. It’s also known for its all-day breakfast availability which is highly affordable. They also have punctual home delivery services for their customers. Apart from the satiating Chole Bhature, Evergreen is also known for Mumbai Pao Bhaji, Moong Dal Pakora, Paneer Makhani and Gulab Jamun.

 Enjoy your day with some amazing Chole Bhature!

Contributor: Arushi Dusaj

Feature Image Courtesy: Vogue India

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