Even if you don’t cook that often, apart from the usual pots and pans, do invest in a pressure cooker and a mixer-grinder (along with a food processor would be even better).

A pressure cooker is a great time-saver when it comes to Indian cooking, no more slaving over a hot stove with this kitchen boon! All your favourite dals, rice and non-vegetarian curries can be cooked in a jiffy!

A mixer-grinder is essential for both South and North Indian cooking if you want extra flavour from fresh, homemade masala mixes and don’t forget those tasty chutneys, which are done in 5 minutes flat in this device.

An attached food processor will knead your chapati dough, cut your veggies, grate your cheese and a whole host of other jobs.

Cooking becomes a breeze with these useful gadgets!

Contributor: Mamatha Mallipudi

Instagram Handle: @mamatha_1

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