Pro -Tips on Asian Cooking By Chef Ho Chi Ming

Ho Chi Ming, Chef De Cuisine at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park, is here to share his insights and a few valuable tips on Asian cooking that you could use in your kitchen. Asian cuisine is loved by one and all, and what better way than to implement some of these hacks into your own cooking to make your dish taste and look more authentic. 

  1. Sugar – Yes sugar, is a natural taste enhancer that is commonly found in any setup of an Asian kitchen. I was taught to add this into my Asian preps by my parents and my Mentor Chef Anthony En Yuan Huang. Sugar is used to balance out the salt and tartness that comes with the addition of soy sauce and vinegar. Adding a pinch of sugar to a savoury dish gives it a hint of Umami. 
  1. Cook closer to time of serving – Asian cooking is all about freshness and cooking close to the time of serving. Though we can prepare the ingredients before-hand, finishing the complete dish should be done close to service time.   
  1. Cuts of Meat and Vegetables to be uniform – While Asian food is about different cuts of vegetables, we must remember that the size should be in uniform. The main reason for this is to avoid over cooked and under cooked vegetables and meat in the same preparation. 
  1. PLEASE DO NOT OVER TOSS AND BREAK THE NOODLES – This is the most important point to keep in mind. Noodles play an important part of a meal it is a must for all the feasts and get togethers. The Noodles symbolizes longevity, serving broken noodles are a complete NO NO. Try to keep noodles long in any preparation. 

By Chef Ho Chi Ming 

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