Savvy Pointers – Kitchen Hacks

We all love a few practical and useful kitchen hacks that save us time and energy. Even though you put in every effort to make good food every day, sometimes we just can’t get the consistency right.

One day you have perfect fluffy puris but the next time, maybe not so good. Our hack here is to refrigerate rolled out puris for 10-15 minutes before frying, to ensure they are not too greasy and rise well in the hot oil. This tip will ensure fluffy puris every time!

Tired of scraping out dried milk stuck at the bottom of the vessel while washing? Moisten the base of the vessel with water before boiling milk, and it will reduce the chances of milk sticking to the bottom. You can also place a wooden spoon across the vessel’s rim to prevent milk from spilling over and burning.

Contributor: Asna Abdul Haq

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