No More Tears!

The heart and soul of Indian cooking belong to that most complexly layered vegetable – the onion! Most households can’t do without them to form the base of curries and to add lashings of flavours to every dish. Unfortunately, we express our love for onions by shedding tears! Even the most hardened of cooks will feel themselves tearing up when they come across that super strong onion that will force you to turn on the waterworks. But there are a few hacks, which will block the damn when those stubborn onions are trying to breach it! 

Just chill

Cool those onions. Pop them into the fridge or put them in the freezer for 10 minutes. Or simply soak them in a bowl of ice for a while. Cold onions stop eye irritation by lessening the chemicals, which are released when they are cut.

Knives out

It’s a necessity to always have sharp knives but when it comes to onions, they help minimise damage to the cells which can reduce the release of enzymes and acids which cause those pesky tears.

Fan those tears away

Place the cutting board on the stovetop burners and turn the ventilation fan or cooker hood on full force. This will blow the gases away from your eyes.

Follow these tips and your teary woes will be over!

By Mamatha Mallipudi

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