Find Your Happy Pace

We live in a generation where everything needs to be done instantly. Patience is hard to be found in the world of the millennials. Keeping this in mind, we have two hacks for you to speed things up in the kitchen.

a) Leave uncooked pasta in water and let it soak overnight or for about 5 hours before you plan to cook. So when you’re ready, the pasta needs not more than 2 minutes of boiling. In some varieties of pasta like spaghetti, for instance, doesn’t need any boiling. Simply add pasta sauce & grated cheese to it and dig in. 

b) In order to speed things up when kneading flour, add tiny cubes of butter that’s of room temperature instead of dumping a big block into it. This way the small cubes of butter melt much faster with the warmth of your hands.

By Aarti David

Instagram: aarti_david

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