Dark chocolate ice cream by Chanakya

This section is solely dedicated to our readers! We’re all well aware of the fact that the pandemic has made a lot of us discover the innovative chef hidden deep within ourselves; something we never knew existed in the first place. The lockdown period got us trying out recipes from various online platforms, or learning a few from our moms and grandmoms or merely trying to create our own recipe of a new dish that ended up being a success. So this space is all about sharing those delicious recipes, from a reader to the rest of our readers, who we’ll call as Lockdown Chef, only to spread the joy of cooking!

To begin with, we have Chanakya, a special contributor for our launch edition, who’s the owner of the popular gelato store, Piccolo Gelato in Hyderabad. Folks in the city know how great he is with his innovative flavours and textures in gelatos, cookies, double bakes and so much more! If you happened to follow him on Instagram during the lockdown, his stories were filled with delightful recipes obviously including a lot of desserts! We requested him to share one of his recipes of the luscious Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream using only 3 simple ingredients!

Dark chocolate ice cream:

Just 3 Ingredients:

200 g Whipping cream ( Milky mist or Amul red whipping cream – min 30 % fat )

70g Condensed milk (Amul or Milk Maid)

30g Cocoa powder ( good quality and if possible dutch processed cocoa powder)


Take a bowl and pour in 200-grams of whipping cream and whip it till you get soft peaks.

Add in 70 grams of condensed milk and cocoa powder and gently fold and combine, till the mix is homogenous. Put a cling film which is in contact with the mix to prevent skin formation. Wrap the bowl with cling film and freeze it for a minimum of 4 hours to overnight.

Scoop and enjoy with any varieties of roasted nuts, cereals, fruits, chocolate or caramel sauce!

Pro tips:

Place the bowl in the freezer for an hour or so for easy whipping.

The whipping cream should be chilled in the fridge overnight for best results.

If this excites you and makes you want to share some of your recipes, please email us at coeditor@ceiamag.com along with a good quality picture of you and your prepared dish. We will pick the most interesting ones with all your credentials. Sounds fun?! Send us your recipes right away!

Contributor : Chanakya

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