8 Kitchen Hacks by Chef Rajeshwari

If you ever visit Chef Rajeshwari Pattuspakashala’s Instagram handle, you’ll see her mentioning herself as a freelance writer, food blogger, food columnist and menu curator; that shows how versatile she is. She has created some unforgettable food promotions in the past, like the regional food of Chittoor District from Andhra Pradesh at Rayalaseema Ruchulu in Hyderabad.

Chef Rajeshwari is here to share some of her insightful hacks/tips in the kitchen, with the readers of CEIA and we couldn’t be any happier. Read on…

1. To discard the egg smell and clean the mess due to fallen egg on the floor spread the spillage with salt and wipe it off with a cloth.

2. To increase the shelf life of coriander, discard the roots and wrap them in a cloth.

3. Discard the stem of green chillis and that way you can keep them fresh for a much longer time.

4. To keep your stove clean always, sprinkle a mix of baking soda and lemon, rub it over the stove and wipe it with a cloth.

5. Grease in the chimney can be cleaned perfectly by soaking the plates in hot water mixed with lemon and washing soda overnight and rinse with soap water the next day.

6. Excess salt in the curry can be rectified by adding rice flour or any flour dumplings into the curry.

7. To avoid those fruit flies over bananas, wrap the stem in cling film.

8. Eggshells, tea powder, coffee powder waste, peels of fruits and vegetables, all powdered in the food processor can be used as compost.

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