Spices add dimension to a dish and you know how much of an important role they play in Indian cuisine. No recipe is complete without a little bit of Spice! When you buy spices whole, you ensure that their health benefits, aroma and flavour remain intact. Pre-packed spices can offer you convenience, but they don’t guarantee freshness and flavour. Adding freshly ground spices while cooking, extracts more flavour, making the dish altogether delectable.  

Similarly, Ginger-Garlic paste is a fundamental ingredient in most dishes. And like the spices, the importance of organically made Ginger-Garlic paste, cannot be emphasized enough. The pre-packed paste can be laced with preservatives and are harmful to health. You can easily find peeled garlic and ginger at the vegetable market near you and can prepare the paste in batches.

Organically prepared spices and paste ensures flavourful and healthy food. 

Contributor: Asna Abdul Haq

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