Much ado about Mushrooms!

Mushrooms can take a simple meal to another level – all those earthy, meaty but not meat, rich flavours will leave you smacking your lips with satisfaction. But it’s very easy to make a hash of things by not giving mushrooms the love they deserve. For instance, do you wash the dirt off your mushrooms? Fungi are like sponges; they absorb every drop of liquid they come in contact with, making them heavy and waterlogged. Instead wipe them with a damp paper towel or a brush.

Cooking mushrooms is easy but we humans just love to over-complicate things, don’t we?! When you’re sautéing this glorious vegetable, add butter or oil and then throw in the mushrooms, stir once and leave them to their own devices. Do not keep stirring them; they’ll cook well without your interference!

We often feel that we should always use a low flame when cooking but as mushrooms have a high water content, the water seeps out so it’s better to use a medium flame to sear them, otherwise they get boiled or steamed which isn’t very appetising.

Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that you get perfect mushrooms every time!

Contributor:Mamatha Mallipudi


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